No. 1: Things I Wish I Knew Back Then…

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Hygiene Nappy Bin

Bag Disposal

Ok, this is something I didn’t even consider when I was a temporary ostomate, as I refused to think about anything further than the day I was working on to save bursting into tears again. But after getting a permanent ileostomy and knowing there was no going back I started to think more about the long-term practicalities. One of these was the disposal process of the ostomy supplies. Some suppliers give you disposal bags in with your ostomy bags, I tend to save these up for holidays as they are less opaque than cheap nappy bags from the shops and I have fewer issues with a family member seeing the used bag then a room attendant. Either way, this only solved part of the problem, the bathroom bin although smelling a lot more pleasant it still filled up so fast.


If you’re a parent then this is probably common knowledge but if you’re like me, and not a parent yet, then it may not have entered your mind. Which is why I love support groups, it’s a way to share commonalities and learn tricks that may work for you that you hadn’t even thought of. This is how I found this solution a lovely couple in one of my support group suggested it. They use a nappy disposal bin, they are made to hold huge quantities of diapers while containing the related odours. Perfect for the disposal ostomy supplies. There are plenty of brands you could choose from both in-store and online. I, however, love the convenience of getting things delivered to my door, so for your convenience, I have supplied the links* to a similar type to the one I use, including refill cartridges. For me, one cartridge lasts good two-three months, in that time I have to empty it into the council bin, once a month.

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I aim to have this as a regular segment, so if you have any suggestions on topics you would like covered in “Things I Wish I Knew Back Then…”, let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Shell
    April 27, 2017

    I thought id offer a UK ostomate perspective on this 🙂

    Luckily in the UK we tend to have large outside bins. One for personal/general waste, one for recycling and a little food waste bin for composting purposes. So many can throw their disposal bags straight into their Green general waste bins.

    Our complimentary disposal bags from suppliers/delivery companies are often scented and so aren’t too offensive but I have heard of some using nappy disposal units.

    It’s a good point to bring up, because more and more waste is being produced each year. I’ve even considered whether we could help with composting but I don’t know the consensus on human waste for this.

    Shell – Stoma in a Teacup

      April 27, 2017

      Thanks Shell, love the UK perspective. In Australia we also have large council bins but when your feeling shite it’s sometimes hard to make it outside. The nappy bin does compact it which slightly reduces plastic bag waste. As for composting, our waste may be a bit acidic but that would depend on the type of Ostomate etc. I guess. Not my forte but an interesting thought. 😊👍🏻💜

  2. Linda
    May 4, 2017

    Great idea. My waste container is quite close to my back door so I just use the bags that come with my pouches and toss it. I look forward to hearing more out of you!

  3. Samantha
    May 11, 2017

    That is a great idea! My daughter has outgrown the need for one of those… she is 21… lol. But it is something I might consider. Currently I use Ziploc bags. While they do allow one to see the contents they seal completely, eliminating the odor.

    1. Insideout Ostomy Life
      May 11, 2017

      Ziplock bags are great for the portable kits. 💜

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