No. 4: Things I wish I knew back then…

The Amount of Support Available.

I know I have discussed this topic before but believe it belongs in my “Things I Wish I Knew Back Then…” series, as its high on my list of things I would have loved back when my journey began.  If you didn’t see it check it out HERE. I also, however, wanted to take some time to briefly introduce you to the ones who influenced my life and some up and coming ones that are inspiring me to do wonderful things. They are all amazing bloggers and ostomy awareness advocates, so if you do get the time check them out. Well worth your time. We all write differently and focus on slightly different issues with the same main aim, to raise awareness and help others along with ourselves through this ostomy life. 

Please note that this list is not exhaustive by any means as there are too many to name them all, nor is it everything to know about them, it doesn’t even scratch the surface. However, here they are:

Luke Escombe: Musician, Comedian, ostomate and all round great guy! Australian Crohns and Colitis Ambassador. Check out his song Master Key!

Bag Lady Mama (Krystal): An amazing honest ostomate, health advocate and blogger, not to mention mother to two gorgeous kidlets.

Stomalicious (Laura): Ostomate, blogger and IBD Awareness advocate currently travelling and exploring all the UK has to offer.

Thaila Skye: Originally a double ostomate, now has a colostomy, Crohn’s Warrior. Thaila is one of the first bloggers and youtube ostomy advocates I came across. I loved Ostomonday.

Stoma in a Tea Cup (Shell): UC 10 years, IBD ileostomate, chronic illness blogger and provider of online support for those with IBD/Ostomies, not to mention a beautiful caring person.

Rocking2stomas (Rachel): Double ostomate (ileostomy & urostomy), blogger and health advocate rocking her bags. Founder & Co-Host of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show.

Crohn’s Fighting (Louise): Ileostomate, mother and IBD advocate helping others fight. Founder & Co-Host of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show.

The Spoonie Mummy (Natalie): Mummy with three chronic illnesses with an ostomy, hoping to inspire others. Founder & Co-Host of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show.

Colitis to Ostomy (Stephie): UC Blogger for an array of outlets, Mother and Health advocate with an ostomy, previously had a j-pouch. Founder & Co-Host of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show.

Like I said this is not exhaustive nor does it highlight just how inspiring all these advocates are. I am interested to hear who your favourite advocate is. Who played a part in your recovery? Does anyone inspire you? Any Recommendations? Please comment below with any details you think may help others looking for support or inspiration. x


  1. Shell
    May 30, 2017

    So Bad Ass – UK
    Feeling Ostomistic – AUS
    Inflamed & Untamed – US
    About IBD/Crohn’s Disease – US
    The Crazy Creole Mommy Chronicles – US
    VeganOstomy – US
    Brian Greenberg (Brian ibd) -US
    Colitis Ninja -US
    Uncover Ostomy – US
    Gutless and Glamorous -US
    Richard Harris – Gutless Dick -UK
    IBD Social Circle – US advocacy circle
    Ostomy Outdoors – US
    Ostomy on the Track – US
    Intense Intestines Foundation – US

    1. Insideout Ostomy Life
      May 31, 2017

      Thanks Shell, two of those should have been on my original list as they both helped me come to terms with inflamed and untamed and so bad arse. Two others came to mind overnight too. The front butt YouTuber and vegan ostomy! 💜

  2. Laura
    June 1, 2017

    There are so many of us out there now, I love it!!! 🙂

    1. Insideout Ostomy Life
      June 1, 2017

      I do too, I’m stoked at how much support and guidance and generally love there is out there! 💜💜💜

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