Post Op Core Exercise Basics

Recently I was lucky enough to get some extra time with Sally Reynolds, an experienced personal trainer and owner of Phoenix Fitness Broome when she was down in Perth to run the HBF Run for a Reason. Sally is not only a successful business owner she has endured years of ulcerative colitis later diagnosed as crohns before receiving an ileostomy a couple of days before new years 2000. Please take the time to read her full story HERE. Together we made this short post-op core basics exercise video, running through some basic to hard exercises that strengthen your core over time.

Video & Things to Note Below:
  • It is recommended to always check with your doctor before starting any regimen
  • This is based at post-op three months plus
  • When starting I would always recommend wearing a support belt.
    • I currently use an Omnigon Total Control Level 5 15cm Wide Belt
    • You can find their Guide to Stoma Support, Hernia Prevention and Management HERE.
      • Please note this is an Australian Guide
    • You should be fitted by a stoma nurse or medical professional
      • This is due to them knowing best about fit and restrictions for your type of stoma
    • I also wear leggings with added core support most days when training

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