Rebuild Your Core: Part 1 with Dr Gareth

Hilton Chiropractic

I recently spent some time with local business owner and chiropractor Dr Gareth from  Hilton Chiropractor discussing potential projects we could liaise on to help people who have recently had abdominal surgery, the most common question I get asked is can I do core workouts and if so where did I start. So this seems the obvious place to start. Note this is a two piece series.


Training your core while on your back. This is helpful post-surgical recovery and before you do more challenging exercise.


Training the spinal muscles while on your tummy or while 4 point kneeling…. Yes, you can do exercises on your tummy with an ostomy!

Key things to note, video and instructional videos below:

  • Core strength and coordination are important first steps post-surgery. This is due to bed rest and lack of movement causing loss of muscle tone.
  • Especially post abdominal surgery building core strength is important. This is because the abdominal muscles have often been cut and scarring of the area affects movement around the abdomen. WARNING – Surgical scars need to be stable before any strain is put on the abdominal wall, so seek advice from the surgeon/hospital or your physical therapist before you try and progress yourself through these exercises. Generally, six to eight weeks post op with no complications.
  • It is important to train correctly. ‘Perfect practice makes for perfection.’ So if you are ever unsure about how you are doing the exercise, please talk to a physical therapist: chiropractor, physiotherapist, etc.
  • When starting I would always recommend wearing a support belt or vest.
    • This is what I use for support, note I use these individually and in unison

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